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Radiators And Cooling Systems

Radiators are heat exchangers for cooling your car's internal combustion engine. A radiator cools the engine by circulating an engine coolant through the engine block - it then loses the heat to the atmosphere through radiation. A radiator has a set of tubes through which the engine coolant flows. Fins surround these tubes. When the radiator fails, the excess heat produced by the engine could damage the engine components. To prevent this from happening, have your radiator serviced regularly. We perform full service repair and provide quality replacement parts, including:

  • Pressure Check
  • Modifications
  • Re-Core Services
Replacement Parts
  • Premium Direct Fit Automotive Radiators
  • Class 8 Trick radiators for Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, Freightliner and more...
  • Agricultural, Industrial, and Off-Road vehicle Radiators
  • All Metal-Copper & Brass Radiators
  • OE Style Aluminum w/Plastic Tank Radiators
  • Standard Truck Radiator Cores-In Stock
  • Custom Radiator Cores
  • Surge tanks, Replacement radiator Tanks, Custom Metal Tanks
To have your radiator serviced or replaced by the experts, visit Southern Radiator & Cooling or call 205-320-2772 today.

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